HouseTide Support Services is about helping your loved one live not just exist.

How It All Started?

HouseTide Support Services was established by Director Daniel House. With over a decade of industry experience, he has seen a lot. Daniel has worked with a range of people from ages 6 years to 70 years.
We are servicing Albury NSW, Wagga Wagga NSW, Howlong NSW, Wodonga VIC, Shepparton VIC and surrounding areas.

The change to NDIS has seen a lot of people confused and not knowing where to find help.

This is where we come in. HouseTide provides support for you or your loved one while consulting with you along the way. we don’t take over we help.

We can also help with pointing you in the right direction for other services.
So whether you need help at home, out in the community or weekend respite.
We are here to help!

With hitting our 2 year milestone we have seen a number of changes. More housing options. More wheelchair accessIbility and transport. More skills and experience to share with the community.

So come say helllo today!

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